Paddipaws Fleagon Flea Spray - 100% Natural Flea Spray - Prevention Treatment for Dogs and Cats

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Paddipaws Flea Spray

  • 100% Natural Flea Away Prevention Treatment for Cats and Dogs - Safe Natural Remedy - Control of Fleas, Mites, Mosquitoes - aids Tick Control - Mange - One years supply - Paraben and SLS free.
  • Package contains one bottle x 100ml with a spray head and full instructions.
  • FLEAGON: A 100% Natural product to help the treatment and prevention of Fleas, Mites, Sarcoptic Mange, Harvest Mites and Tick control on Cats, Dogs and Rabbits.
  • Fleagon, like a chemical treatments, is best used as a preventative solution used weekly to stop Fleas and other parasites from settling and breeding on your pet.
  • You need to allow for the product to build up and be absorbed by the animals skin for 3 weeks and continue using as per the instructions.
  • You can use the spray weekly to administer the treatment.
  • For sensitive pets and very small pets it is best to dilute to 50/50.
  • Using the spray as a prevention only will give a years protection approximately.
  • Get extra protection by spraying round the collar, tail and body when out walking, especially in the countryside and woods. Also a a regular spray round bedding will help to stop any problems.
  • Chemical spot ons cost £28.00 for 3 months protection whereas Fleagon offers a years treatment for much less. Natural protection at an affordable price.
  • A pipette bottle version is available separately in our shop.
  • Use along with Fleagon Shampoo for total protection.
  • FLEAGON Contains a Natural Blend of Quassia Bark, Sage, Cider Vinegar containing Essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass.
  • No parabens, SLS or nasty chemicals.
  • Each batch is Handmade from 100% Natural Ingredients by a Herbalist with years of experience and dedication to developing Natural Animal Friendly products.
  • We are committed to producing and sourcing the best and safest Natural remedies we can find to bring to our customers. As Animal lovers ourselves we only want the best for our special friends

Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits


  • Contains a Natural Blend of Quassia Bark, Sage, Cider Vinegar containing Essential oils of Lavender and >Lemongrass.


  • Give two full sprays to the back of the neck weekly. On very small pets the advice is to dilute 50/50 and spray on back area.
  • For very small animals half the dose.
  • Full Instructions included in pack.
  • A pipette version is also available.
  • Store in a cool and dark place out of the reach of children.
  • Not to be taken internally.
  • A patch test for sensitivity is advised.


  • Ticks look like a wart on the skin. They burrow their head into the skin and feast on the blood of the host animal. >Do not pick them off, as this can be very painful and often the head will remain in the host and can become >infected. Drop Fleagon directly on to Ticks for a quick release.

Understanding the Flea Life Cycle

  • There are several stages to its life cycle: egg, larva or caterpillar, pupa or cocoon, and adult. The length of time it >takes to complete this cycle varies depending upon the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, >and the availability of a nourishing host.
  • The flea's host is a warm-blooded animal such as a dog or cat (or even humans!) However, the various flea >stages are quite resistant to freezing temperatures. The adult female flea typically lives for several weeks on the >pet.
  • During this time period she will suck the animal's blood two to three times and lay twenty to thirty eggs each >day. She may lay several hundred eggs over her life span. These eggs fall off of the pet into the yard, bedding, >carpet, and wherever else the animal spends time.
  • Under optimal conditions, the flea can complete its entire life cycle in just fourteen days. Just think of the tens of >thousands of the little rascals that could result when conditions are optimal!

Spotting Fleas

  • When pet owners are asked what they dread most about the summer months, the topic that invariably comes up most is fleas!
  • Dogs and cats often get infested with fleas through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the environment. The strong back legs of this insect enable it to jump from host to host or from the environment onto the host. (Fleas do not have wings, so they cannot fly!)
  • The flea's bite can cause itching for the host but for a sensitive or flea-allergic animal, this itching can be quite severe and leads to hair-loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections. Some pets, hypersensitive to the flea's saliva, will itch all over from the bite of even a single flea!
  • Fleas can be seen scurrying along the surface of the skin. Dark copper coloured and about the size of the head of a pin, fleas dislike light so looking for them within furry areas and on the pet's belly and inner thighs will provide your best chances of spotting them.
  • Look for "flea dirt", too. "Flea dirt" looks like dark specks of pepper scattered on the skin surface. If you see flea dirt, which is actually flea faeces and is composed of digested blood, pick some off the pet and place on a wet paper towel. If after a few minutes the tiny specks spread out like a small blood stain, it's definitely flea dirt and your pet has fleas!

Flea bites and what they do

  • Flea bites can make your pet uncomfortable and itchy but they can also bring a host of other problems.
  • Pets can be hypersensitive to flea saliva and suffer an allergic reaction.
  • Fleas feed on blood, so young or frail animals can become weak and even die as a result of blood loss
  • Flea larvae can become infected with tapeworm eggs. If your pet eats an infected flea it can become host to this parasite.
  • If your pet has fleas you should also make sure your pet is treated for worms.
  • Fleas can also pass diseases to your pets. For example, myxomatosis is a serious disease in Rabbits which can be spread by fleas.

Flea Facts

  • Fleas only suck blood from their hosts as adults. A flea can live from between 14 days to one year and a female >can lay up to 50 eggs in one day - that's 1,500 in a lifetime!
  • Some types of flea can leap more than a hundred times their own body length
  • It is estimated that 95 percent of flea eggs, larvae and pupae live in the environment, not on your pet
  • Prevent fleas becoming a problem by regularly treating both your pet and your home. This may need to be done >all year round if your home is centrally heated.
  • Google Mites as there are three different types and not enough space to put the important information

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