100% Natural Paw Safe - Natural Protection from Infection

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Paddipaws Paw Safe

  • Since Bacteria and Fungi normally live in, on and around your pets paws, it is hard to prevent occasional infections. However, you can minimise the risks by keeping the paws clean at all times and spraying on Paw Safe on the top and bottom the paws before walks.
  • You should always wipe your dogs paws with a clean damp cloth after walks to minimise the risk of infection and foreign bodies. Treat any wounds on your pets paws immediately because untreated wounds are a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.
  • Avoiding places where fungi and bacteria that are endemic reside is a good idea (such as stale pools of water, or running water after a strong rainfall), as well as keeping your pooch away from infected animals because these infections are usually contagious.
  • The paws are one body part that we as pet owners tend not to pay a lot of attention to, until they develop a limp or something else goes wrong! Infections can be very painful for your pet, as well as leading to limping and a reluctance to place weight on the affected limb.
  • Paw infections can also be rather challenging to treat, as due to their location, it is not always possible to keep the dog from using their paw or walking on it, which adds another layer of complication!
  • For cats we advise spraying their paws a couple of times a week.
  • Each batch is handmade by a Herbalist of over 40 years experience to supply the most natural and safe products for your pet.
  • We all love our pets and only want the best for them. Protect them naturally with Paddipaws 100% Natural Pet Products.
  • 250ml approximately 3 months supply depending on use.
  • Lick safe and 100% Natural.
  • Vet Approved.
  • Recommended by Pets.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Paw Safe is designed to protect against infection not cure it when a dog or cat already has an infection. We have other products for this.


  • Natural Rosemary Oil, Neem Leaf, Plant based Surfactant, Maldon Sea Salt and Tincture of Marshmallow. 250ml approximately 3 months supply.


  • Spray on the paws before walks. Spray on and wipe off at the end of the walk for extra protection.
  • For cats spray on 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Please note: Each batch may vary from consistency, colour and scent due to being natural and handmade.
  • We have had no reported side effects from this product but please discontinue and contact your Vet immediately in the event of an adverse reaction.

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